Turning the Page Together

Early last year ASPR started working with a client that had faced and overcome many institutional challenges. Initially, we were focused on telling the story of how this nonprofit had overcome the hurdles.

As the assignment continued, our team realized there was nothing wrong with that approach, but a better strategy was to focus on how to turn the page on the story and begin the next chapter. In other words, we believed our target audience would be more interested in current events rather than retrospectives.

Little did we know that a few weeks later COVID-19 would indeed present a new chapter and, with it, an even more challenging example of this client rising to the moment.

Indeed, the events of the past 12 months have been heartbreaking, frustrating and upsetting.

But we should never lose sight of what else is occurring. We like to remember that Apple, the most valuable company ever created, was started during the mid-’70s, a time when many were predicting long-term economic doom-and-gloom.

We don’t know what advancements are being created right now. But we’re on this journey together. How the story evolves and unfolds is in our hands.

We send you all best wishes for health and safety in 2021. Please stay in touch and let us know what’s new with you, your causes, your company.