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Leading Russian Investigative Reporter Yevgenia M. Albats to Receive Award at Alfred Friendly Press Partners Annual Event

WASHINGTON, D.C—The legacy of Alfred Friendly, whose name was synonymous with groundbreaking journalism when he led and reported for The Washington Post, once again promises to make headlines in the nation’s capital.

That’s because Alfred Friendly Press Partners, a nonprofit based at the Missouri School of Journalism, will hold its annual graduation program and dinner for its Fellows from emerging democracies around the world.

The event, Friday, Sept. 8 from 6–9 p.m. at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., will include a discussion with Karen DeYoung, Washington Post associate editor and senior national security correspondent. Her reporting this year has broken major developments involving North Korea, Russia and ISIS. Previously, DeYoung won a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of the war on terrorism.

She will be interviewed by Tim Carrington, a former international journalist with The Wall Street Journal and a Friendly foundation board member.

Yevgenia M. Albats, a previous Fellow, will receive the Susan Talalay Award for Outstanding Journalism for her work and bravery in exposing corruption in Russia. Jackie Combs Nelson will receive the Ellen Soeteber Award for mentorship; she is a former assistant editor at the Chicago Tribune and has been traveling the world to reunite and connect with past Fellows.

The special program sponsors are Frank Islam and Debbie Driesman. Frank Islam and Debbie Dreisman Foundation’s primary mission is to promote education and arts and culture. Their foundation is part of the AFPP family and they have joined hands with AFPP to support this event.

This year’s Fellows— from Malaysia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Ukraine and Cuba — have spent six months gaining hands-on experience and leadership skills they’ll need to become more effective journalists and to make a profound impact in their home newsrooms.

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 Alfred Friendly Press Partners bonds with journalists and news organizations from information hungry societies and prepares them to practice professional, ethical, and innovative journalism. We accomplish our mission through hands-on training in U.S. and international newsrooms and within the Missouri School of Journalism.

Alfred Friendly Press Partners is the leader in transforming journalists who are recognized as vital to journalism excellence, press freedom, and informed citizenries.

We advance our vision through our fellows, our lifelong relationships with them and the subsequent trusting relationships to international newsrooms we are able to develop through them, and the network of training resources and expertise we are able to capture and tailor for fellows and international newsrooms.