Predictions Scorecard and Look Ahead

Predictions are fun to make because it’s great when you nail them and hardly anyone remembers when you get them wrong. In the interest of transparency I have reviewed the predictions I made in July at the half-way mark of 2013.

On some things I was horribly wrong. I thought the PR/ad push for Obamacare would cause its poll numbers to rise. Oops. I didn’t factor in the web site glitches. “The Fifth Estate” movie was not the big hit of the fall and the weather wasn’t all that bad. I did accurately predict the Winter Olympics would fail to ignite interest but didn’t foresee that it would occur because of Russia’s anti-gay talk. I was too far ahead in thinking Google Glass would be the big holiday gift of the year. It now looks like the product won’t be widely available until this year.

OK, now onto the predictions for the first half of 2014:

-I think “Noah” will be a blockbuster movie. We love biblical stories and weather disasters. Russell Crowe is the star and he is a compelling actor.

-The Democrats will be treading water most of the year. However, the economy is on the rebound in a big way and that will give them a lift as the midterm election approaches.

-The rising economy and the credit for Obama will give Hillary the strength she needs to seriously think about running for President. It will be much later before people realize Hillary had nothing to do with Obama’s economic policies (although she supported them).

-A reality star(s), MSNBC host and Fox News star will all say something incredibly embarrassing that they will be fired for or severely disciplined.

-Commentator Glen Beck will continue to tack to middle of the road points of view. He will pick up a lot of attention for being a reformed, former Fox News star. Some will embrace his change of heart and others will just dismiss him as a charlatan.

-Joe Biden will not be running for President.

-Lady Gaga’s tour will be a bust and Britney Spears will need to cancel her Vegas residency for health reasons.

-I wish I could predict some big changes on the policy front out of D.C. but Congress seems hopelessly deadlocked.

I will let you know in early July how I fared.