2013 Crystal Ball: The Second Half

BallWhen the calendar turns to July it’s always a reminder, for me at least, that we are at the half way point in the year. Therefore, here is my totally unscientific set of predictions for what I see on the horizon:

–Even though a part of Obamacare implementation will be delayed until 2015, the PR/advertising effort will begin in force in early fall to get uninsured to sign up. Public opinion will follow the pro-Obamacare push at least in the beginning.

–Each fall brings a big adult movie (think “The Social Network” or “Good Night, and Good Luck”). This year’s serious film will be “The Fifth Estate” about Wikileaks.

–The weather is going to get worse. Blame global warming if you want to but I am afraid we are in for more extreme conditions along the lines of hurricanes, record-breaking heat and bizarre snow patterns.

–It’s going to be hard to get people excited about the 2014 Olympics in Russia. I have no real reason for thinking this…it just feels that way to me.

–Google Glass will be the hot holiday gift of the year. The scare warnings won’t drive consumers away.

Call me Faith Popcorn or Jeanne Dixon if you want. I’ll report back at the end of December to let you know how I did.