We’ve Seen this All Before

The presidential race is starting to heat up so I thought I’d provide this easy checklist of the memes to expect in the months to follow:

-Sure, Romney has the Super PACs but they are horribly off message. GOP has made a big mistake by not investing in the actual, official campaign.

-(A) Ann or (B) Michelle is unhappy/difficult

-(A) Ann or (B) Michelle is more popular than her husband and party activists wish she was at the top of the ticket

-Bill Clinton is stepping outside his lane
Posted 6/15: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/230405-clinton-says-romney-qualified-to-run-defends-bain-work

-W reappears and says something that upsets the race

-Barbara Bush says something that upsets the race

-This is not as exciting as ’08

-Romney or Obama is either overprepared or underprepared for the debates

-The debate moderator asked stupid questions

-Romney’s VP pick, his wife, or family members have done something controversial/unorthodox

-Obama will “wag the dog”

OK there is your cheat sheet. Check back in Nov. to actual links to these stories that will be written.