The Center for Global Policy Solutions leads the Closing the Wealth Gap Initiative and desired visibility for an upcoming report, “Beyond Broke,” which detailed the extent of the racial differences in family incomes.

The report was due to be released at the Color of Wealth Summit at the U.S. Capitol.

We worked closely with the researchers to extract the salient elements of their findings. These points were then developed into a media plan that included a news advisory, news release, op-ed and talking points, all designed to engage media influentials in ultimately covering the report and summit.

By leveraging existing media contacts and developing new ones, we built up significant interest in the initiative in the days leading up to the official release. Prime coverage was secured in The New York Times, C-SPAN, Washington Monthly, MSNBC, Detroit Free Press and other targeted outlets. The work also involved arranging one-on-one interviews with summit experts and capturing on video their expertise and perspective on the issues. These videos were designed to be used in the future to engage online viewers.