Too often we think the introduction of new technology means the complete death of what came before. For instance, the demise of radio has been predicted for decades now. Likewise, we’re seeing social media lead to a two-screen strategy, as opposed to completely killing off traditional TV.

ASPR recently had an opportunity to find out how effective an integrated strategy can be when client Genomind was featured on “Dr. Phil,” the top-rated syndicated talk show in the U.S.

Genomind’s social media firm, Social Driver, strategized with ASPR about how to monitor and engage with viewers online when Dr. Phil discussed how the Genecept Assay® can help those struggling with mental health get better, faster. A combined traditional and digital media approach led to a 600 percent jump in calls to the company and a 70 percent increase in email.

We’re convinced that just focusing on TV, without social media, wouldn’t have led to as impressive results. However, the basis of all of this remains the same: a real-life story, compelling people and clients who are eager to engage. 

Additional coverage has been secured in other strategically important markets.